Other Services

As well as supplying components to our customers for their roller manufacturing requirements – we are asked by them from time to time for general advice with regard to roller design and manufacturing methods.

Although we are not roller manufacturers ourselves – based upon our considerable experience within the industry, we can offer help and advice with regard to:

  • Roller designs
  • Roller assembly and manufacturing methods
  • Roller components and raw materials
  • Finished roller quality parameters
  • Troubleshooting help in the event you meet a problem
  • Roller welding machines

Any questions?

If you do have a question concerning any of the technical elements outlined on this page, or if you are seeking just general advice – you are also very welcome to give us a call – we would be very happy to talk to you.

Our office hours here in the UK are 09.00h to 16.30, Monday to Friday each week. Alternatively of course we are always happy to respond promptly to any email enquiries you may have concerning our products or our technology.

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