World First Technology

This new technology has had a very significant effect on the way in which rollers are now manufactured.

Using prefabricated bearing housing assemblies (cartridges) for welded steel rollers offers several advantages to the roller manufacturer – both now and in the future – some of which may be summarised as follows:

Manufacturing Process

  • Roller reduced to three components/four pieces only = greatly simplifies roller manufacturing process.
  • Cartridge based rollers = less manpower / fewer operators.
  • All common standard international specifications can be manufactured.
  • Reduced production cycle times = increased production throughput.
  • Quicker throughput = reduced customer lead time.
  • Greater production flexibility – small orders = no problem.
  • Reduced direct and indirect costs = higher profit margins.
  • Economics of batch production = economics of bulk production.
  • Assembly process self regulating = easier to maintain high quality standards.
  • Different cartridge designs = different roller specifications.
  • New – different international roller specifications manufactured upon one single production line.
  • New – change actual roller specification during the manufacturing process – without stopping production.
  • Rollers now maintenance free = reduced maintenance costs.
  • Stock/inventory significantly reduced and simplified.

Capital Expenditure And Equipment

  • New – initial capital investment and capital equipment to produce cartridge based rollers remain unchanged – even if roller designs change in future.
  • New – therefore automatic protection against capital equipment becoming obsolete.
  • New – automation of cartridge based roller production = lower capital cost compared with automation of production of traditional roller designs.
  • New – latest design of welding machine tooling = automatic alignment of all central axes of all roller components during the assembly/welding cycle.