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Latest conveyor roller design technology being used around the world.

New technology slashes manufacturing costs!

Edwin Lowe Ltd’s range of bearing housing cartridges are revolutionising the way rollers are now manufactured

Bearing Housing Cartridges For Your Rollers In The Twenty First Century

Edwin Lowe Ltd is the only specialist UK manufacturer of pressed steel bearing housings for steel conveyor rollers, used in bulk handling conveyor systems. The company has also designed and manufactured a new series of components which introduce new technology to the industry, which has significantly improved current roller manufacturing techniques.

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New state of the art roller technology

Edwin Lowe Ltd is the first company internationally to commercially design and develop the first practical prefabricated roller bearing housing assembly, for welded steel conveyor rollers. We continue to innovate and bring you the latest developments in roller manufacturing technology, to help make your business run smoothly.

World First Technology

We have a state of the art fully automated manufacturing facility here in Birmingham, UK. In addition to world first technology in our designs, we have introduced world first technology into our purpose built automated manufacturing production lines

World First Manufacturing

We designed our products from the ground up to ensure consistent highest quality standards. This has resulted in virtually zero failure rates and minimum down time upon our customers conveyor systems.

Ultimate Conveyor Roller Reliability

Unlike traditional roller manufacturing methods, Edwin Lowe Ltd’s cartridge based roller manufacturing technology means that all components within the roller are automatically aligned with the central axis of the roller itself, during the manufacturing process. This is completely new.

Precision Manufacturing

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